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Patient Safety – Biomedical/Clinical/Hospital Engineering Providing a Safe Health Care Environment

      • The Role of Biomedical/Clinical Engineering and Health Care Technology Assessment in the Global Issue of Patient Safety
      • The World Alliance for Patient Safety
      • The Essential Health Technologies
      • The Information Society and e-Health
      • The WHO Health InterNetwork
      • International Standards of Medical Technologies
      • Resource Building
      • The Advantages of Mandatory Certification of CEs 
      • Research in the field of patient safety
      • Solutions to reduce the risks of healthcare and improve its safety



  •  Andrei Issakov, WHO: “The Global Challenge of Patient Safety - the WHO Response and the World Alliance for Patient Safety”.

  •  Joseph Dyro, Past President ACCE, IFMBE-ACCE Liaison:" Broadening Clinical Engineering Horizons to Create Safer Health Services".

  •  Andrei Issakov, Peter Heimann, WHO: “Health Technology Management and its Role in Providing Quality and Safe Care".

  •  Jan Persson, IFMBE HCTA Division: “The Role of HTA in Diffusion and Implementation of Devices Today and in the Future, and the Impact on  Patient Safety Issues”.

  •  James O. Wear, ACCE Education Committee Chair: "Biomedical/Clinical/Hospital Engineering Providing a Safe Health Care Environment".

  •  Itziar Larizgoitia, WHO: "e-Health and Patient Safety: Exploring the Link".

  •  Lodewijk Bos, President of the ICMCC: “What Medical and Care Compunetics Can Do to Improve Patient Safety.”

  •  Frank Painter, ACCE Certification Committee Chair: "The Importance of CE Certification for Patient Safety and the Needs and Benefits of an Internationally Recognized CE Certification System".

  •  Heikki Teriö, IFMBE AC Member and CE Division Board, Sweden: "Improvement of Patient Safety by CRM Training".

  •  Brian M. O'Connell, President, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology and Board of Governors, IEEE Computer Society: “Patient Safety, the Ethical and Social Implications for Clinical Engineers”.

  •  Azman Hamid, Commission for the Advancement of Healthcare Technology Management in Asia (CAHTMA) and Healthtronics, Malaysia: “What CAHTMA and Healthtronics are Planning to Do for Patient Safety in Asia”.

  •  Tom Cooper, Engineering Council of South Africa: “CE Certification and Patient Safety Issues in South Africa”.

  •  Frank Painter, ACCE Certification Committee Chair: “Human Factors Engineering and Incident and Accident Investigation”.

  •  Günter Rau, Chairman, International Academy for Medical and Biological Engineering: “Increase in Patient Safety by Blood Cryopreservation Technology”.


Andrei Issakov, WHO: Wrapping up and summarizing the presentations, suggestions for a position paper on Health Technology Management and Patient Safety, and proposing "A Safe Environment for Safer Care" as a Global Patient Safety Challenge.

Discussion: Patient Safety and what BME/CE/HE can do to provide a safe health care environment.



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