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White Book on Biomedical Engineering Education in Europe and European Study Guide of BME programs

In 2002 we collected ‘Status Reports on Biomedical Engineering’ written by colleagues from countries all over Europe for a ‘White Paper’ on BME education, training and accreditation. These reports were a significant help in developing the European activities in the area of BME education, including the BIOMEDEA project. The reports are available in the documents section of this website as an important part of the BIOMEDEA documents.

We are now preparing the next phase of the BIOMEDEA project and realized that, though still a valuable source of information, most parts of these reports are completely outdated by now due to the rapid developments which were caused by the Bologna Process and by BIOMEDEA. Thus, I am currently soliciting updates as well as new reports from those countries that were not yet participating in these European activities in 2001/2002.

The updated version will follow a slightly different concept, separating a general part on the activities of the BME societies in all European countries from specific information on all higher BME education programmes in the individual universities and polytechniques or universities of applied science (where applicable). For the purpose of improving overview and comparability, we have developed three templates for three different kinds of programmes that should serve as guidelines clarifying which information we expect. The templates will be sent to all institutions in the participating countries offering BME. The templates have been developed with two objectives in mind:

-          They should be easy to work with. Thus, they do not contain many questions, but mostly exemplary contents to demonstrate the kind information we would like to obtain. These contents need to be adapted to the program offered, i.e. changed, amended, shortened or deleted.

-          They should bring some structure to the abundance of information about Biomedical Engineering in Europe.  

If all universities will comply and fill out these templates, the result would be an excellent, very attractive European study guide on biomedical engineering that we would make available to all colleagues, students, universities, ministries and the European Commission on the BIOMEDEA website free of charge.


Template 1: Classical Engineering or Science Programs (e.g. Diploma programs) with a BME as a major. No BME degree.   Download

Template 2: Engineering or Science Bachelor/Master Programs with BME as a major. No BME degree.   Download

Template 3: Biomedical Engineering Bachelor/Master Programs with degrees in BME.   Download

Last update: Nov-08